How Bark For Schools Makes Schools Safer

How Bark For Schools Makes Schools Safer, Since the Parkland shooting, the movement known as Bark for Schools has emerged as a safe alternative to school safety. It provides a no-cost alternative to internet filtering services and helps schools break the cycle of causality in potentially violent situations. Michele Gay founded Safe and Sound Schools in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. This web content filtering is part of that program. But what exactly is Bark for Schools? And how can it make schools safer?

Check-in feature

The Check-in feature on Bark for schools is a great way to monitor your child’s online activity. While it is not a GPS tracker, this feature allows parents to spy on their child while they are not nearby. The app sends an alert to the connected device when your child is not at home. You can adjust the alert’s severity. You can see the latest check-in times by selecting the alert type.

Machine learning algorithms

Technology can be creepy, but it’s also necessary to protect children. Companies like Bark for schools are trying to sell these systems to schools and parents as a way to combat youth suicide. Some of these companies claim to have prevented dozens of school shootings and identified nearly twenty thousand serious self-harm situations. These programs use artificial intelligence to mimic human behavior, and they learn from data collected by the devices and students they monitor.

Artificial intelligence

Tech companies have been marketing their school monitoring systems for years, with claims of hundreds of lives saved through prevention of youth suicide attempts. Gaggle, for example, monitors 4.5 million students across 1,400 school districts, and claims to have prevented 700 suicide attempts over the past academic year. Similarly, Bark, which works with over a thousand school districts, claims to have prevented 16 credible school shootings and detected over twenty thousand severe self-harm situations.

Google Workspace image removal

For educators, keeping students safe online is one of the most important tasks. Bark for schools works with school-issued Gmail and Office 365 accounts to detect and block digital dangers, such as suicidal ideation, bullying, and sexual content. The platform gives educators and parents the ability to monitor students from the comfort of their own home. You can view and share alerts 24 hours a day.

Download speed

While the Bark for schools app is convenient for parents, it also comes with some drawbacks. While it’s not a bad way to keep track of where your kids are, you might find yourself worrying about them if they’re with a stranger. It works well for most schools and daycare centers, but if your child attends a private school, you’ll need to upgrade the app. It’s a good idea to consider other options before installing it on your child’s smartphone.

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