Film Schools in Japan

Film Schools in Japan, There are several film schools in Japan, but which one is the best for you? I’ve listed several below, including the Film School of Tokyo (Eiga Bigakko), Yokohama University, and the Waseda University. I’ll also give a brief description of each one, along with some of their best features. You can choose from any of them to study filmmaking. I’ve studied at each one and can recommend each to you.


Students at the Waseda Film School in Japan are taught by world-renowned filmmakers and directors. Students learn about filmmaking and film history in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. The school’s students also have the chance to meet international filmmakers. In one event, Mr. Masayuki, the director of the short film festival, hosted an interactive discussion with students. The event featured a screening of a short film by a former employee of the Shochiku Film Company.

The school’s location in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, makes it an easy commute from any part of the world. The main campus of the university is convenient for commuters and is served by the JR, Shinjuku, Fukutoshin, and Nishi-Waseda lines. During your time at the school, you can attend seminars and master classes taught by world-renowned filmmakers.

Yokohama Academy of Broadcasting and Film

Founded in 1975, the Yokohama Academy of Broadcast and Film is the only full-fledged film studies university in Japan. This school is home to many active filmmakers. The most notable alumni include Miike Takashi, Sasabe Kiyoshi, Motohiro Katuyuki, Lee Sang-il, Yamaguchi Yudai, and Matsue Tetsuaki.

Japan’s only university devoted exclusively to film studies, the Yokohama Academy of Broadcast and Film is home to the director Hara Kazuo, who has won two Palme d’Ors and two BAFTA awards for his films The Eel and The Ballad of Narayama. Film critic Sato Tadao met with the academy’s faculty and students to discuss film education in Japan, and the state of the Japanese film industry.

Yokohama University

The film school is Yokohama University, which has a reputation for producing top-notch film students. Students learn the skills and sensibilities needed for advanced careers in the film and video industry. With a diverse curriculum, students have the opportunity to pursue a variety of careers within the film and video industry, from acting and production to camera and editing. Students at the university can choose from various majors, including Movie Creator World, Production Design World, Actor’s World, and CG Digital Media World.

Imamura believed that teaching should be in English. Now, English is the dominant language of several major companies in Japan. The Imamura school is similar to a film workshop. International students can apply to study at the school for an English-speaking program. However, students can still learn Japanese as their first language. The film school can offer students the chance to learn the language of films and the language of filmmakers.

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